at each other’s throats

at each others throats

【 at each other’s throats 】

They are at each other’s throats という感じです。



at each other’s throats

Definition: If people are at each other’s throats, they are fighting,
arguing or competing ruthlessly.


■at each other’s throats の例を見てみましょう

The neighbors are at each other’s throats over who should repair the fence.
Google and Apple have been at each other’s throats a little bit lately.

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■ちょっとチャレンジ (英文サイトへのリンク)

“Needless to say, both Google and Apple have been at each other’s
throats a little bit lately…”…
Mac とは 仲の悪そうだった Googleが、
セキュリティー上の理由から、Windows から Mac へ移行する方針を

・Q&A サイトより
“One minute we are great together and the next we are at each other’s
throat. So what should be done?”

■今日は at each other’s throats を紹介しました。


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